Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We take pride in the fact that Stripform conducts a sustainable business, taking into consideration profit, people and the planet.

Our social engagements are aimed at the development of our local community and employees.  We invest in South Africa’s future by engaging in the following:

Substance abuse prevention programmes

We offer workshops to empower employees with knowledge about substance abuse. We assist with and support rehabilitation programmes.


We provide financial assistance towards school fees, stationary and uniforms.For us, education is a key pillar of sustainability.

Skills development

Our employees partake in internal and external training programmes to continuously improve and develop their skills. This ensures sustainable delivery of quality products and services.

Health Care

A fully equipped canteen with healthy subsidised meals made with herbs and vegetables from our garden provide nutritional options for our employees.


The clinic, qualified occupational sister and free medication take care of the day to day health issues. More serious health problems are addressed by a GP (general practitioner) at Stripform’s account.

We also provide financial assistance to disabled employees to improve their quality of life.

Job creation

Contract workers receive training to improve their skill levels. Promising candidates receive learnerships or apprenticeships.


We support local sports teams with uniforms and equipment. Our sport stars can depend on our financial support.

Community projects

We donate to local feeding schemes, TB and HIV/Aids organisations, SANCA and the Police Forum.

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